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As a time-served construction company of builders specialising in a variety of building work around the Arundel area, Langhams Construction Ltd recognises the importance of complying with the current Building Regulations. Set out by the government, these regulations are the minimum standards for the construction, design and alteration of a building, including work on new builds, property extensions and loft conversions.


Compliance with the current Building Regulations is a legal requirement.


To support and guide construction workers and avid DIY enthusiasts towards compliance, Approved Documents support the Building Regulations.


With over 30 years of combined industry experience, our builders follow the details provided by these documents to ensure that all building work we undertake around Arundel, such as property extensions, loft conversions and new builds, adheres to these strict regulations.

The Approved Documents supporting the technical Parts of the current Building Regulations are:


• Part A - Structure

• Part B - Fire Safety

• Part C - Site Preparation and Resistance to Contaminates and Moisture

• Part D - Toxic Substances

• Part E - Resistance to the Passage of Sound

• Part F - Ventilation

• Part G - Sanitation, Hot Water Safety and Water Efficiency

• Part H - Drainage and Waste Disposal

• Part J - Combustion Appliances and Fuel Storage Systems

• Part K - Protection from Falling, Collision and Impact

• Part L - Conservation of Fuel and Power

• Part M - Access to and use of Buildings

• Part N - Glazing Safety (Withdrawn)

• Part P - Electrical Safety

• Part Q - Security

• Part R - Physical Infrastructure for High Speed Electronic Communications Networks

• Regulation 7 - Materials and Workmanship


Whether carrying out small-scale refurbishments and renovations or large-scale projects in the Arundel area, such as new builds, loft conversions and property extensions, our building work always complies to the regulations. Our builders ensure compliance by regularly liaising with the local building inspectors throughout the project, arranging for site visits and tests whenever necessary.

Some building works and construction projects, however, are exempt from these regulations. This includes single-storey outbuildings with no sleeping accommodation, such as work on garages, sheds and greenhouses.


In general, the Building Regulations apply for the following types of building work, whether carried out by professional builders or DIY enthusiasts:


  • The construction of new builds in the Arundel area
  • All types of property extensions, with the exception of minor additions like a simple brick and column porch
  • Installing or extending services or fittings controlled under the regulations
  • Alterations, such as loft conversions, which affect the ongoing compliance of the building, its services or fittings with regards to the structure, fire safety or access to and use of buildings
  • Inserting new insulation into cavity walls
  • Underpinning the foundations of a building
  • Any building work affecting the energy efficiency of a property in Arundel


Whenever Building Regulations come into play, our builders are mindful that all fabric, materials, services and fittings must be safe and no less compliant than before alterations began.


Whatever the project, from new builds and property extensions to loft conversions and renovations, Langhams Construction Ltd carry out quality workmanship on time, under budget and with complete compliance.

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