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Loft Conversions in Worthing | 5 Key Considerations

If you’re planning on converting your attic space, there are some key factors you need to take into account. Having been providing loft conversions for many years, the team at Langhams Construction Ltd ensures every aspect of your conversion goes to plan and meets requirements. As a dedicated company, we know all the factors that make up an effective loft conversion, bringing our knowledge and experience to your project in Worthing.


Although there are many different considerations when planning a conversion, the following are some of the key points to take into account:

1. Stairs


The building regulations for loft stairs are basically the same as for other flights however, placement is key. Ideally, the new stairs will run from the existing stairwell. If there’s not enough headroom, a dormer or other extension may be suitable.


If this isn’t feasible, you will need to repurpose another area of floor. In this case, make sure you’re not losing too much space or loft conversions are no longer worthwhile.


For some projects in Worthing, it may be possible to use a fixed ladder or alternating tread staircase if space is really tight. However, building control will only accept these if there’s no other reasonable way to create a full flight.


2. Insulation & Ventilation


Loft conversions should offer the same level of comfort as the rest of your house. This means upgrading the insulation. Depending on your plans, we can insulate above or below the rafters.


You will also need background ventilation, which usually takes the form of windows with trickle vents. If installing a bathroom in your loft, this room must have a fan.


3. Soundproofing


When planning loft conversions in Worthing and the surrounding areas, it’s important to think about blocking noise from outside and the rest of the house. If external noise, such as road traffic, is a concern, specify materials such as acoustic plasterboard for the ceiling. Also consider glazing products designed for reducing noise.


For blocking internal noise, the main consideration is floor structure. Mineral-based insulation, such as Rockwool, offers good results.


4. Plumbing & Electrics


One aspect our customers in Worthing often overlook is the extension of services. When undertaking loft conversions, it’s important to make sure your existing central heating and electrical systems have the capacity to supply your loft in addition to the rest of your home.


You may need to replace old circuitry, and if incorporating a shower, sink or other water outlet, gravity-fed hot water might not deliver enough pressure to the loft. In addition, if planning a bathroom, you must think about drainage and try to site the new bathroom close to existing drainage pipes.


For professional advice on extending, replacing or adapting service supplies, please contact us.


5. Fire Safety


In line with building regulations, loft conversions must have a safe means of escape. When adding a conversion to a two-storey property in Worthing, you’ll generally need a protected stairway that leads to the main exit. This means using fire-resistant partitions and 30-minute fire doors. You must fit these to any rooms that open onto the stairway.

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