Loft Conversions in Storrington | Your Guide to Extending Your Home

House extensions are popular throughout the UK, but they can be confusing. With many years of industry experience, our builders have created a useful guide to clear up some of the key aspects of property extensions and loft conversions. Undertaking an extensive range of building work, we offer expert advice and solutions, whether you’re looking to construct a new kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, office or other space. If you decide an extension won’t give you the space you need, Langhams Construction Ltd also undertakes new builds in Storrington and the surrounding areas, giving you the home of your dreams.


If you require any further information or advice about extensions or our other building services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our builders.

Should you get an extension?


Often, homeowners in Storrington are unsure if property extensions are a suitable investment. Ultimately, this will depend on your needs and what you’re hoping to achieve. For example, if you’re looking to create a larger kitchen or dining space, of if you need an extra bathroom or a home office, an extension is an ideal option. Loft conversions are also an effective solution if you need an extra bedroom or some additional living space.


However, if you have far outgrown your house, or if there isn’t the available space to construct the extension you need, it may be more beneficial to move. If this is the case, it’s worth considering the advantages of new builds.


With many years of experience, our builders tailor homes to your tastes and needs. In this way, our building work ensures your new home in Storrington or the nearby areas perfectly suits your requirements.


With a commitment to customer satisfaction, we take the time to understand your needs so we can advise on the best solution for you. If you’re unsure whether property extensions, conversions or new builds will be more suitable, give Langhams Construction a call.


Do you need planning permission?


The rules surrounding planning permission can be confusing, but luckily our builders have plenty of experience with permissions and regulations. Extensions and loft conversions often do not require planning permission, but it’s important to check.


Under permitted development rights, if construction meets certain criteria, you can begin building without approval from the local authorities. But it’s vital your project falls within the set restrictions otherwise you could face fines and legal action.


When undertaking building work in Storrington, Langhams Construction always complies with relevant regulations, ensuring reliable and high-quality services. We advise on the requirements of your project and ensure all necessary applications and approvals are in place. This includes applications for new builds.


Should you move out during construction?


It’s completely up to you whether you move out during construction. Many customers in Storrington choose to stay at home while be build property extensions and loft conversions, and this isn’t a problem. While you may find building work disruptive, we do our best to leave your home clean, tidy and functional at the end of the day.


If you have young children, you may find it easier to stay elsewhere during construction. However, our builders will discuss this with you and if you wish to remain in your home, we will make sure suitable safety measures are in place as well as minimising disruption as much as possible.

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