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Property Extensions in West Chiltington | Adapting Your Home for Multi-Generational Living

In the UK, multi-generational households are becoming more common. Between 2007-2017, this was the fastest growing type of household, increasing by 42%. As more people consider bringing their extended family under one roof, builders have adapted their services to provide the space families in West Chiltington need to accommodate their relatives. At Langhams Construction Ltd, we undertake a range of building work to give you a home that perfectly meets your requirements. From loft conversions and property extensions to completely new builds, we have the solutions you need.


If you’re wondering how you can adapt your home to give your ageing parents or other relatives the privacy and space they need, read a handy guide from our builders:

Property Extensions


When creating a multi-generational home in West Chiltington, house extensions are the most popular choice. With the wide variety of property extensions now available, there’s sure to be a style to meet your needs.


Adept in all areas of building work, Langhams Construction undertakes all types of extension. This includes single- and multi-storey extensions as well as over-structure styles. We also offer loft conversions if you’d rather not extend outwards.


When planning a space for ageing relatives, comfort, functionality and safety are key concerns. Working with you, our builders assess your requirements and design property extensions accordingly. This can include incorporating accessibility features, such as wide doorways and adapted bathrooms.


We also make sure there is suitable access to the rest of the house while maximising privacy in the extension.


When undertaking any form of building work in West Chiltington, including new builds, we ensure services comply with relevant regulations and controls, including meeting health and safety standards. This gives our customers peace of mind that their family will be as safe as possible.


Loft Conversions


Another popular option for multi-generational households is to extend into the attic space. Loft conversions are excellent projects because they’re relatively quick and cheap. They also offer minimal disruption to your home during construction.


Loft conversions are suitable for all manner of uses and, depending on the size and style of your conversion, our builders can even create a fully equipped living quarter. For example, you could create a bedroom with an en suite and potentially even a kitchenette.


With many years of experience, the team at Langhams Construction undertakes a range of building work to give you exactly what you need. This includes kitchen and bathroom fitting as well as carpentry, joinery, paving and a host of other services.


If opting for a loft conversion in West Chiltington, it’s important to make sure your relatives won’t have a problem accessing the space. If mobility and climbing stairs is an issue, ground floor property extensions may be more suitable.



If privacy is a key concern, an outhouse is an excellent alternative. With many years of experience constructing new builds, our builders create comfortable and functional structures that have all the comforts of the main house.


An outhouse in West Chiltington gives your relatives the space and privacy they need while ensuring they’re still close enough to receive help should they need it.

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